Retro Specz Newz...
-------------------------- 2018 ------------------------------
The Retro Specz returned to rock Oshkosh! 
Heatin' up the folks that are "Freezin for a Reason"!
Wisconsin Polar Plunge 2018!
6:30 PM Friday, Feb 16th 2018                     AND             Noon Saturday, Feb 17th 2018
-------------------------- 2017 ------------------------------
Retros Rocked The Great Dane Hilldale New Year's Eve Party again!
Great party put on with The Dane!

"Wo Zha Wa" means "Fun Time" in Native American Ho Chunk and that's what it was! We headlined at The Keg and Patio with

Your Mom and Drivin Blind

Special Guest star Brian Beebe!! 


Sept 16, 2017
WI Dells "Wo Zha Wa" Days
Nice Article about Ted in the Waunakee Tribune!
Ted Staege: He’s a drummer in a band

By Dee Wasylik Tribune Correspondent | Posted August 25 2017

It wasn’t until Ted Staege was in fourth grade that his family put down roots that took him and his three younger sisters through high school. Staege’s father worked for the U.S. Forest Service moving through the Upper and Lower Peninsula of Michigan until they settled in Laona, Wisconsin, two hours north of Green Bay.

In that small Wisconsin town, Staege’s graduating class was 38 students. He played baseball and basketball in high school, but his main love was and still is music...

What a blast we had when we returned to headline this great 4th of July Celebration! Had 'em Rockin' all night!

July 1, 2017
Sauk Prairie Fire on the River!
-------------------------- 2016 ------------------------------
September 17, 2016

Unbelievably great night at The Keg and Patio at the annual Wisconsin Dells

Wo Zha Wa Days!

Thanks for having the Retros back again this year.

Retros Rocked the Badger Faithful at Camp Randall Stadium again this year at the Badgerville pregame rally.
September 17, 2016

Click The Pic for FaceBook Photos.

September 4, 2016
Another AWESOME nite!

Click The Pic for FaceBook Photos.

Sauk Prairie

Fire on the River!

July 2, 2016

Click a Pic for the 

Sauk Prairie Eagle News article

Estimated crowd of 20,000 for this great July 4th Celebration!


Retros Rocked 'em!

Monona Terrace
Jan. 29, 2016
CAPSpecialty Holiday Party
One of the nicest parties we've played. Good food folks and fun!
-------------------------- 2015 ------------------------------
New Year's Eve!
Retros Rocked into 2016 at The Great Dane Hilldale!
Wonderful venue and crowd.
Oct. 24, 2015
CC Riders Clubhouse!
2015 Halloween Party. Awesome costumes, decorations and folks!
September 26, 2015

OH MAN! This was one of the year's most funnest gigs! Great food, big fun crowd and The Retros had 'em dancin in the street! Thanks Lodi for having us back. Let's do it again next year!

Lodi Brew-B-Que!
August 22, 2015
Rio Street Dance
Part Deux!

Super packed fun street gig in "Downtown Rio"!

We love this place!

Aug 8, 2015
Retros Completely Wreck the Ship!
Unbelievably AWESOME nite!

July 18, 2015

We are very pleased to welcome Erika Olsen as our new vocalist! Erika is a very talented vocalist who brings a powerful voice and stage presence. We are very happy that she has joined us! Come out and hear our fresh sound, better than ever!

July 17, 2015
Greg Performs with Dan Navarro!

Our bass player Greg Percy  (the guy in the blue shirt playing the bass) got the wonderful opportunity to play with national recording artist Dan Navarro (formerly of Lowen & Navarro) He wrote the hit song “We Belong” for Pat Benatar as well as numerous hits for Jackson Browne, Keb Mo,The Bangles and others. Greg has known him for awhile and jumped at the chance to join him for a show. Dan is usually a solo performer, but asked Greg to put together a band for a show at the Capital Brewery in July.  Greg enlisted local guitarist David Hecht and drummer Greg Marsh and they filled a 3 hour show with great Navarro tunes and a few covers here and there. An absolute blast on a fun summer night.

May 17, 2015

Great time with The Jimmy's!

April 11, 2015
Retro Virus Spreads at
Country Corners

It ain't country folks! Tricias' Country Corners ROCKS. This place has been partying for a long time and we're glad to help out. The crowds have been crazy lately! Check out the pics....

Mar 14, 2015

It was Jeff's 50th Birthday! YAY! What a great crowd and PARTY!

Paul's old rig as Keyboard Mag's Cover photo!
March 14, 2015

Keyboard magazine has posted our keyboardist Paul West's photo of his rig "back in the day" (above) as their Facebook cover photo!

Thanks Keyboard Magazine!

And come see The Retros and Paul (on his new rig) soon!

Feb 21, 2015


Crazy fun crowd! Lots of dancing.

And the people watching is...


Retro Specz guitarist Kurt Quickel had a great time playing some classic rock tunes at Sarento's with Robin Zander's former singing partner Brian Beebe and original Cheap Trick lead singer Xeno!

Feb 8, 2015
Jan 17... Great Dane Hilldale

Man this place has it all! Awesome Atmosphere. Fabulous Food and PARTYIN' PATRONS!

-------------------------- 2014 ------------------------------
Dec 20th 2014 - Badger Bowl!

Our first time at Badger Bowl and we had a

BLAST! Thanks to all our friends for coming out and celebrating with us!


Badger Bowl...ALWAYS A PARTY!

Oct 21, 2014
TLW Convention


3 Encores! Lots of dancers.

We are very pleased to be

performing at their Spring

Convention on March 31st in

Lake Geneva!

Sept 27th 2014 2-fer &  Best-Smelling Gig Ever!

We bid a hearty farewell to the 2014 outdoor summer shows with these two awesome gigs IN ONE DAY!

Cranked up at 12:30 on a nice outdoor stage at the Lodi Brew-BQ with lots of families and partyers and a fantastic BBQ contest. Cookers were right next to the stage. Ted was drooling on his snare...

Next we packed up and hauled *ss to finish off the day at Sprechers, one of our favorite venues, whom had honored us with the invitation to play their annual   SprechtoberFest! Lots of appreciative folks dancing into the night. Wonderful staff as usual...

Oct 3-4 2014 - Club Tavern and Red Room

Back at the Club Tavern in Middleton for a show on Friday Oct 3rd, then on Saturday at The Red Room in Dodgeville for all of those on the EXTREME Westside!

We had a great time spreadin' the party to lots of nice folks at both venues.We are scheduled to return soon...

Sep 13 2014- Wa Zha Wa Days at Baja Cantina in The Dells

The streets were cordoned off and jammed with partyers at this annual WI Dells celebration. We were very happy to be right in the middle of the action, jamming the night away at the Baja Cantina! Thanks to Keith for another great summer at the Baja!

Sept 20th 2014 - TwoFer!! Badgerville and Hooker's Resort...

Started off at 8:30 AM at Camp Randall Stadium, rockin' the Badger

Faithful at the pregame rally with Van Edwards and Barry Alvarez.

Everybody apparently got the memo to wear red..


Finished off the day (and into the next)

(8:30 PM-12:30 AM) at Hooker'sLots of nice folks celebrating birthdays...

StageCam - Badger Faithful

Showin' The LOVE

Sep 12 2014 - THANKS EVERYONE! It's Official - 50 gigs in 2014!!

2014 has been an awesome year! Great crowds, fantastic venues... Just keeps gettin better. Hope to see you out there and THANKS! Man we're havin fun and there's lots more to come!


August 31 2014 - Another awesome Shipwreck gig!

This awesome outdoor covered deck at Shipwreck Bay is turning out to be one of our favorite gigs. Beautiful view of Castle Rock Lake and the place was PACKED with lots of dancers and partyers screaming for more! Great food at the Shipwreck too. Check out more awesome crowd pics on the Gallery page 

August 23 2014 Dancin' in the Street!

We had so much fun at The Rio Street Dance!

Thanks to everyone who came out. Check out the photos on the Gallery page! 

Hopin' to do it again next year.

August 1-2 2014  Shipwrecked and Nearly Drowned!

Friday at Capital Brewery started smoothly then BAM! THE STORM HIT. Rain, wind, lightning, hail so we took a little break until it blew over then the party resumed. Hearty partyers stayed with us all night!


Saturday at Shipwreck Bay was maybe the funnest bestest yet!

Packed with partyers and a jammed dance floor. We had a

great time! A bonus was a lighted boat parade with lots of really cool lit up decorated boats

cruising by. Many of them stopped to join our party!

July 25-26 2014 What a Weekend!

Started off on Friday at WaunaFest. OMG what a blast! We were in the Beer Tent (always a bonus) and the placed was PACKED! Lots of fun partyers and compliments all around. Special guests "The Ripon Horns" joined us on a few tunes and ripped it up! Thanks to the Waunakee Chamber of Commerce (Ellen). Hope to see you next year!

We capped it off on Saturday with another crazy night at the Baja. Three...count 'em 3 wild  wedding parties!

July 19 2014 YUKON!

The Retros took dog sleds to Alaska (OK to Lyndon Station WI) at the Yukon Trails Campground on Saturday "Luau" night. Ralph served up a delicious 216 lb roast pig. Amazing! (even Ted couldn't eat all of it). Nice folks and many Retros Repeaters. The Quickels, Wests and Morgans took the opportunity to camp out at this family friendly campground. We missed Nicole who was ill but Lindsey West sat in and sang a few tunes. Very nice!

July 11 2014  Retros back in action at Sprechers!

The joint was jumpin Friday night at Sprecher's. What a great venue! We had a great time like we always do, lots of new and old friends, dancers and partyers. Hang on! We'll be back on August 16th! Thanks to everyone!

May 31 2014   Baja Cantina "Stool Olympics"

What a crazy fun party at the Baja! Summer has officially begun! (Thanks Keith). A new party twist...."Stool Olympics" which involved several dance floor (and other) events that left lasting impressions on all and had The Retros in stitches...

May 26 2014   IHM Festival...What was all the "Buzz" about?

The buzz was coming from the yellow jacket in Thomas' pop bottle...which promptly stung him on the lip right before soundcheck. Mr. T pushed through and may have sung just a little higher... We had a great time! Thanks to IHM for having us!

May 17 2014   Retros play on old rusty trailer "stage"

The Arena Wedding gig was fun but the trailer stage was a little scary...fortunately no one hooked it up and towed us away during the gig.

May 10 2014   Kurt Quickel Buys ANOTHER New Amp

Well folks, Kurt just bought his 15th amp of 2014. An electric guitar perfectionist, he's always searching for the perfect guitar tone.  Congrats to Kurt. (Somebody please tell him he always sounds great)

May 3 2014   Greg "Stage Dives"

The stage at Tricia's Country Corners is a bit small for The Retros and while setting up Greg did some "Accidental Stage Diving"....Greg is such a stud he just "Rolled With The Changes". No harm no foul.

May 3 2014   and now Ted McGyver on drums...

Ted busted his bass drum head (he really rocks hard) so he and Greg came up with the solution of taping a spare snare head over the hole. It worked and we made it through the gig.