Band Bios


             We have a wide variety of experience and everyone brings it all every night...

                                                       Get to know your Retros...

Thomas Morgan
          Lead Vocals

Soaring vocals and incredible range - Sings the high stuff that others won't attempt...A big fan and performer of Journey and Styx. Ask him to do Beavis and Butthead or Hank Hill...

Kurt Quickel
          Lead Guitar

No matter what button down thrift shop shirt he's sporting, he can play virtually anything on his Les Paul, Strat or whatever guitar he's attached to. Old school riffs at their finest...

Kurt Q.png

Very cool dude who can play drums like nobody's business. Unassuming guy who refuses to call it "percussion". Enormous appetite both for rock & roll and gig buffets.

Ted Staege
James Chiello

Bassist Extraordinaire.

Chiello 2.jpg
Erika Olsen
Lead Vocals

Amazing talent. A true ROCKIN vocalist and the prettiest member of the band. She has a really cool tip jar too...

Christopher Cerfus

The newest member of the band.