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Thomas Morgan...........


Early on as a child singer I kept to the classics. No rock and roll for me!

I was a choir boy. If I wanted to branch out and do something different I

took to music theater. It wasn't until middle school until I actually was

listening to "Rock" music. My parents kept it on the oldies radio for

much of my childhood. It wasn't until we got a car (1979 Ford Granada) that had an 8 Track tape player that I ventured into the world of Rock and Roll. 


My first 8 track was a hand me down from my brothers. It was Styx - Paradise Theater album. Those strong rich harmonies along with the heavy guitars had me hooked on Rock. Now notice I said Rock and not rock singing. I had always sung but never really thought that much about being a "singer"! Then I got inspired by our high school music teacher to give his music classes a try. As corny as high school music and show choir could be I must tell you I wouldn't be half the singer I am today without going through his classes. He inspired a lot of us in his classes some of which are still involved in music today. In fact, one of my fellow classmates is a highly sought after recording engineer in Nashville recording many A-list recording artists. 


After high school I toyed with the idea of singing in a rock band but I wasn't really sure how to sing Rock. Then in 1991 I joined a Prog Rock band and we called ourselves Artica. We were a cross between Journey, Yes, Kansas and Peter Gabriel. We were together for ten years and wrote over a hundred songs and made an album. Just as we were just about to go out and support the album our drummer left. Then the keyboardist. Then the guitarist. UGHH! 


So for ten years I was jaded about the whole music industry. Then one day I found myself listening to another band do a sound check for a local beer tent. I turned to my wife and said "I sure do miss that" and she said "Well then go join a band!" After about a year of searching I found a craigslist ad for a singer. They wanted someone who could do Styx and Journey and Foreigner and I told my wife "This is the band I have been looking for!" 


And in January of 2010 I joined The Retro Specz.   

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